We are pleased to announce that after a busy period the AROUND THE SHIRE home page has gone live!


AROUND THE SHIRE provides branded web pages for sole traders, small businesses and the self employed in Banbury (and the surrounding area) at a reasonable price.

Our Director, Garreth Aldous, specifically wanted to launch this brand as a way in which to help smaller businesses get a web presence….below gives a little more info on the reasoning:


At the moment there are plenty of classified pages and business directories available to advertise in, as well as Facebook pages people can use to promote their company, but failing this the only option is to opt for a full website with the associated costs and management headaches.

Granted you can sign-up for managed web services quite cheaply now, but unless you want the costs to sky rocket you have to build and manage them yourself…..and however ‘simple to use’ they pertain to be they can still take up lots of time, and can be a mine field if you do not have much computer experience.

AROUND THE SHIRE web pages give clients a middle option – A bespoke web page, completely managed on their behalf, with the cost directly linked to the functionality they require.

All the pages are linked to the AroundTheShire.co.uk domain, and will therefore benefit from some future free advertising, but each have a unique url so clients can promote /provide this to their perspective customers who will then be able to visit that page without having to initially visit the home page. Each individual page will also be uniquely configured for SEO, allowing it to be picked up and displayed by search engines.

And the future?……at the moment there are a handful of pages being put together, once this number begins to increase further then Transcendo will look to develop an interactive map of the local area that will ‘pop up’ and promote the businesses as it is zoomed in on. Is a little way off still, but this feature is already stirring further interest from local businesses!