Business Development

‘The creation of opportunities and value from prospects, customers and partners’
Introductions. Interests. Events. Opportunities. Meetings. Transcendo BREADTH.

Need leads that will close this month to help you hit your sales targets?
Then the truth is that you have most probably left it too late!

We can work wonders from time to time, but unfortunately miracles are not on our skills list. All joking aside setting realistic expectations at the outset of any business development activity is a must. At Transcendo we will give you a substantive indication of the likely number of outcomes, for the activity type you require, based specifically on your offering and the related target audience. All calling is conducted by our experienced internal team and/or our carefully selected consultant partnerships. Either way, the buck stops with us.

We deliver qualified results at the sales stage you require….working closely with you, either remotely or on site.
Bespoke to your needs every time.


Introductions, Interests & Events

Launching a new service, solution or product? Want to raise brand awareness? New to the UK or a start-up? Looking to recruit partners or resellers? Want to get market feedback on potential releases?
Lots of this can be achieved through email or direct marketing, but sometimes the best way to do it is still via the phone.

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Let us speak with your target audience to introduce your message and ascertain the level of initial interest.

  • Gauge interest in your target area to ensure what you bring to market ‘hits the spot’.
  • Fill seats with the right people at your promotional events.
  • Unearth high volume potential future needs or interests.
  • Recruit new partners to increase your reach and grow your market base.

Opportunities & Meetings

Cold calling is initially a numbers game. Lots of time and effort is spent getting hold of each contact, so when you do speak to them the quality of that conversation is second to none!
The strength of an opportunity or appointment is then intrinsically linked to the knowledge and probing skills of the caller.

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We don’t just talk at or fire questions at your potential customers. We converse with them on their level.

  • Qualified opportunities based on criteria set by you.
  • Call back or face to face meetings arranged when necessary.
  • Knowledgeable callers who don’t need scripts and comfortably converse at any contact level.
  • Fill your pipeline with leads, for your sales team to progress or nurture.

Transcendo BREADTH

The best, better than all the rest. A bold statement but one that we hope you will agree with. Depth of qualification is one thing, but ongoing dialogue with a prospective customer, over a period of time, will inevitably result in a higher level of qualification and breadth of understanding regarding their need.

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Hot to trot leads that are only passed over when sales ready and all the below is fully qualified:

  • Budget – is available.
  • Reason – behind the requirement.
  • Enthusiasm – to deal with YOU.
  • Authorisation – to make a decision.
  • Demand – has a real need.
  • Timescale – to implement or purchase
  • Handover – set call or meeting date.