‘A positive change in size’  Where are we now?  Where are we going?
How do we get there?: Transcendo Growth Analysis. Transcendo Resourcing.

Need resource to grow, without the cost and commitment of a full time employee?
Want to refresh your marketing strategy but don’t know where to start?
We can help you bridge these gaps – Bespoke to your needs every time.

Transcendo Growth Analysis

It can be difficult to spot stumbling blocks and barriers to growth when your head is focused on the day to day running of a business, or a specific job role.

Likewise it is easy to get pulled in multiple different directions and to loose sight of the core drivers and passion that makes your business unique…..and should ultimately be harnessed to help you grow.

We don’t presume to know more about your business than you, or the best way for you to close deals, but we are very good at analysing what you are doing now and what changes, tweaks or additions can be made to help you reach your growth goals.

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Our Growth Analysis services are always bespoke to your needs so the scope and cost can vary……we can provide a holistic top to bottom review or a smaller analysis incorporating one or more of the below areas:

  • Branding & Creative
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Demand Gen & Business Development
  • Marketing Integration / Automation

Briefly what’s involved?
Normally we will spend half or a full day on site conversing with the business owners and/or key decision makers, using this time to get the full picture on how things stand now as well as reviewing and drilling down in to potential areas impacting growth. This meeting will be proceeded by the compilation of a personalised agenda and followed up by the delivery of a written report containing our findings and suggestions. Typically this report will also be presented face to face within two weeks of the main analysis.

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Transcendo Resourcing

Caught in that predicament where a skilled job needs doing, you have not got the resource in-house, and don’t want to commit to taking on additional full or part time permanent staff?

Maybe you just need maternity, paternity or annual leave cover for a short period of time?

Tried temping agencies but had no luck in the past?

Or could it be that you want to try something new, or to kick start growth, without having to fully commit  until you have trialled it first?

Then look no further than Transcendo Resourcing.

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Be it a few hours a day, three days a month or three days a week we will do our best to accommodate your need. Off-site and on-site options available, with varying costs based on scope and seniority of the role. Skilled resource at your fingertips – Bespoke to your needs every time.

As long as your requirement fits in or around one of the skill areas below then we are confident that we will be able to assist. 

  • Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Internal Sales
  • Business Development
  • Sales Management
  • Administration
  • Data Entry
  • Data Management

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